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Critical to delivering great service consistently: Quality Assurance

AusKing Cleaning (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. has gained a reputation of providing a personalized service to its clients.

Each new staff member is formally inducted into their workplace, by either the outgoing cleaner, area manager, cleaning supervisor/leading hand or the managing director. Induction and on site training is generally three(3) days with continuous support provided

All staff are fully instructed in every facet of their required tasks as outlined in the client's brief.

We take an active interest in the training and development of our staff by providing many opportunities to enhance? & refresh cleaning skills on site This commitment is supported by our quality management system and by our commitment to affirmative action.

  • occupational health & safety
  • quality management systems
  • anti-discrimination/harassment policy
  • affirmative action policy
  • correct usage & handling of equipment & consumables
  • safe handling of hazardous materials and waster-including sharps;
  • public relations;management & supervision;

    Quality PolicyAusKing Cleaning (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. are providers of cleaning services to all sectors of business. The company strives to maintain a consistently high level cleaning service, which is in conformance with contract, mandatory, health and environmental requirements.
    The staff of AusKing Cleaning (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is aware of the need for good customer relationships to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Quality Commitment
    The company shall allocate adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of product and service compliance with agreed specifications and also the comfort and safety of staff.
    To ensure AusKing Cleaning (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. quality objectives are achieved and maintained, the company has adopted the following strategy:
    Implementation of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems for Production and Installation. the monitoring of customer feedback shall be performed to provide a measure of the effectiveness of the quality policy.
    An ongoing evaluation of systems will be performed and the quality policy refined to achieve a consistently high provision of quality service that satisfies the customers changing requirements.Customer PerspectiveAusKing Cleaning (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. regards communication with customers as critical to the effectiveness of the quality system.
    Above all else, this organization is committed throughout its operations to the production of the highest quality service. We have developed a Quality Policy System which deals with the following structure:technical assistance from our supplierswork proceduresinspection and examination of how to rectify or improve our services within the cleaning industry and how to avoid re-occurring problemsdesign and specification of cleaning process to suit each site.